Product Reviews

 SodaStream, Model Jet.
You can purchase the SodaStream online HERE or find out HERE where to buy one. 

The machine has a sleek slim design, doesn't take up much space.

The syrups seem be just like the store bought flavors.

Once we figured out how to use it, it was pretty easy to use.

The color and taste of the pop we made was comparable to any pop you'd buy in the store.

Fizz stays in the bottle! We had one we put in the fridge overnight and the next day I went to open fizzed just like if you were to open up any other bottle of pop! I was amazed.

The SodaStream also makes sparkling flavored water, teas, and they even have diet varieties and an energy drink.  

They have Dr. Pete, comparable to Dr. Pepper and Fountain Mist comparable to Mountain Dew (haven't tried yet but plan too).

 You can purchase the SodaStream online HERE or find out HERE where to buy one. 

I found it difficult to actually get it working right. I just glanced over the instructions, paper work  and watched the online video that popped up when I scanned the QR code on the box. After I figured it out it was pretty simple. (should mention though my husband pointed this stuff out later, even though he doesn't read directions either, I just think the directions could be a little more clearer. Maybe some picture diagrams. I don't know. Maybe it was just me.)

Not that this is a Con but 1L is not enough for my family, I think we went through 3Ls when we were trying the different flavors. I think it would be best if you bought a SodaStream  to purchase more bottles.
I found that when you put in the syrups after you carbonate them they cause the liquid to rise to the top and some overflowed due to the chemical reaction with the fizz (mostly with the root beer I have seen so far).

Overall, I thought the SodaStream to be a wonderful idea for those who like the novelty of making their own soda or for those who want to save on gas to go out and buy pop. I don't find this product to be very economical. As an avid coupon user and one who finds great deals, I will not spend more than $1 for a 2L of pop and when it's less than $1 I will buy several bottles. The cheapest SodaStream syrup on their website is $4.99 and it says it makes an average of 12Ls, which is equivalent to six 2 liters which is roughly $6 if you spend $1 on a 2 liter.  Savings of $1 a liter-yes this can add up if you use the SodaStream as your pop consumption. Not including the refill for the Co2 bottle. However, it might equal out if the price of pop does rise in the future, which they have been talking about taxing it more. And of course if you buy cans or those small bottles which I do quite often, it might just equal out and you may just save on the gas to get your pop.
I do like the SodaStream and would give it 7 out of 10 stars. But this is my opinion.  You might absolutely love this product and want to use it all the time and it may fit you perfectly. If you buy bottles of pop this may be your ideal product. All you would have to do is make your pop and go. I would suggest you buy more bottles so you always have more than one.
 You can purchase the SodaStream online HERE or find out HERE where to buy one.